Clean Water Project

The situation with regard to clean drinking water in the areas we have visited in Northern Bahr-el-gazal State is disastrous. There are practically no organized clean drinking water supply systems. The situation is extremely critical. Hand pumps & Boreholes are, in most areas are nonexistent. Women are the most affected by this as the lack of safe drinking water is one of the major factors affecting their health and duties. A considerable amount of time is spent on looking for water at greater distances. As a result, the Episcopal Church is aiming to drill at least 20 bore-holes and hand-pumps across Aweil in 2010-2011. Unfortunately we have not yet found a donor to help drill even one. Each hand-pumps cost $14,000 for drilling and installation. Therefore, E.C.S appeals to Episcopal Relief and Development, other Christian NGOs, and International NGOs to support our projects to save life of our people.

Flood Victims Emergency Appeal

Flooding has started severely in most areas, including parts of Aweil town, during August 2010 and the worse is yet to come. At the time of writing eighty nine thousand (89,000) people have been displaced [i].  It is expected that a high percentage of the population in flood affected areas will be infected with many different water borne diseases if they are not attended to. Aweil Civil Hospital has already recorded more cases. There is urgent need of the Episcopal Church response to the affected areas. The alleged alarming condition has been proven by Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) Minister who appealed for 5,000 tents in aid for flood victims, in Northern Bahr-el-gzal [ii].

Providing flood victims with, food, mosquito nets, plastic sheets, blankets and small tents as indicated above in case of family with several members is critically needed. E.C.S request quick response for the rescue of flood victims in Aweil's flood affected counties. Emergency response relief supply is urgently needed in Aweil and other counties of Northern Bahr-el-gazal State which are to be affected need further attention.

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