Please pray for Returnees from North Sudan

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan, Diocese of Aweil has witnessed a huge influx of returnees from North Sudan. At 2.00 pm on the 13th of December 2010, two hundred and thirteen (213) buses carrying 6735 returnees arrived in Aweil. Upon arrival, four babies were delivered peacefully. All returnee's buses were first received at Aweil's former airstrip for one hour, and after one hour they were taken to an open ground in Maduany village near Aweil's current airstrip. It is a place without water let alone pit latrine, nothing at all. Aweil Diocese extends its request for prayers by Christians across the world for the returnees and those unable to return to their homeland from the north due to the a lack of buses to bring them back home.


Pray that God may create a way to feed them
Pray that God may protect them from diseases
"Oh let not the oppressed return ashamed: Let the poor and needy praise thy name."
(Psalm 74:21)
(Psalm 23:1-4)


Rev. Stephen M. Mou
Secretary of the Diocese of Aweil