A Letter from the Diocesan Secretary

On behalf of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, I take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the people of Mading Aweil for standing with us, before and during the Election Day of the Bishops in Juba. It was through the hospitality and the sacrifice of the people of Aweil that allowed the Episcopal Church to win the seat of Bishop in the election.

This month of July 2010 is the final month in which the Episcopal Church of Sudan in Aweil finally received the gift of God in person of Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial, a talented young priest with big a heart to serve.
It has been a very long waiting period since the promise in 1992 to have Aweil ordained as an Independent Diocese from the Diocese of Wau from which Aweil, Gogrial, Tonj and Abyei were attached. Aweil, being the first focus in mind amongst the other three areas, throughout the decade has made victorious history, dated 16th July 2010, when a young energetic, enthusiastic and faithful priest won the election with 83 votes from a total of 92 electorates, leaving the remaining 9 votes to be shared by the other two contestants.

The election of Abraham Yel Nhial was such a delight to the people of Mading Aweil (Northern Bahr-el-gazal State citizens), irrespective of denominational backgrounds; indeed the majority of Aweil's people who came to witness Abraham's consecration were from Catholic faith, a sign that portrays unity of the people of Aweil first. In that regard the Episcopal Church did not suffer from bad luck during the election process, because quality support was offered by Aweil's young men and women who reside in Juba, Southern Sudan capital. A professional lawyer and the most respected man, because of his tireless commitment, Ateny Wek Ateny volunteered himself to present Aweil occupying the place of Aweil's Diocesan Chancellor. Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing among the most educated and visionary leaders of Aweil spent almost the whole day sat without taking a break, just to make sure Aweil is well presented out of his love for Aweil.

Sultan Malong Lual Diing sacrificed himself by driving his own car for the facilitation of our elections needs in Juba. While driving, he expresses his joy by keeping reminding us of what he says, "I have been telling Aweil people to go for chairmanship but they always opted for deputies and it is nice that Rev. Yel set an example for Aweil people in the level of Sudan, I am happy, but remember to call me any time you need help."
Is there not a big, genuine and honest hearted promise in supporting us?
Tong Deng Anei through several phone calls never stops encouraging Episcopalians to keep up their good show. He says, Aweil people are all behind you in support. Tong Deng a young man with many gifts really encourages determination to work together in the church as brothers and sisters regardless of whatever denomination a person may come from.

Ngor Arol Garang, a respected Journalist by profession, just to mention but few, monitored the election process with zeal. He would talk to almost all candidates even after election was over to ensure the proceedings were recorded.

Today is my distinct honour and pleasure to continue requesting his Excellencies, Hon. Members of Parliaments, of Mading Aweil, and all believers in Aweil regardless of denominational background to stand behind Episcopal Church in all activities it will launch. The leadership promises to put education to top priorities for those priests who were ordained by the former Bishops but without proper education background, education for the children and adult education will remain a priority. Another priority is development in its various kinds, there are areas without water and clinics but a church must do something to improve living standard of those living in destitute life.

The Episcopal Church will work cooperatively with the government of NBG state, discussing issues pertaining to the demolition of Church plots by land surveyors while the church is the key institution to bring development and reduction of crime in the communities of Aweil. New Site Church is bearing a warning letter for the relocation of the church elsewhere. Maper Akot-aru Episcopal Church plot is already issued away and several other churches within other parts of Madding Aweil are on red light; therefore the Episcopal Church appeal to State Government to spare church plots for church activities that will benefit all of us.

Stephen M. Mou,

Diocesan Secretary