The Proposed Diocese of Aweil

My Vision

My vision for the Diocese of Aweil is to build a united, caring, growing, worshipping and mature Episcopal Church of Sudan, faithful to Anglican Traditions and grounded in the Scripture/Word of God, capable of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with non believers; for holistic transformation of church and society in Aweil, Sudan and the world to the Glory of God.


The Diocese of Aweil exists to equip believers for the Mission of God through preaching, teaching, training, discipleship, active evangelism, dynamic worship, partnerships, development, education, peace building, business. The Mission of the Diocese of Aweil will be achieved through commitment and dedication to the call of God in us. The major goal, the leadership of the Diocese of Aweil in my administration, will be to work hard to move people/Christians closer to God by the power of the Holy Spirit through studying the Bible and praying together as a community of faith.

Diocese of Aweil Strategic Plan 2011-2015

1. Mission of God

There will be an emphasis on grass-root reevangelization, teaching and discipling of members of Diocese of Aweil. Under my leadership we shall encourage the Diocese of Aweil to organize evangelism and educate the churches on the priority of Mission and Evangelism in the 21st century. The work of Mission of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 will be our primary call in the Diocese of Aweil, beginning in Aweil and in Sudan as a whole, especially northern Sudan; as some of you know this Mission I am talking about has already taken place in Aweil. A few months ago I sent two of our pastors for mission work in Port Sudan and I will continue this. I believe that God calls all of us, everybody to share God with others when he/she has opportunity. My main mission in life while I was in America was to return to Sudan to train pastors for Mission work (A church without missions is a dead church).

2. Unity

Unity is strength and without unity it is difficult to work together. I have been observing and have found out that pastors in Aweil lack unity among themselves because we are divided; these pastors have categorized themselves in exclusive groups. Church grouping is a cause of the disunity we have today in our churches. Each group cares for its own and not for all; or they see themselves as more important than others. All members of the church should see themselves as one body or one people as the Apostle Paul reminded us in 1 Corinthians 12:12. In my leadership, I want to unify pastors to work together, and support each other as we are called to serve one loving God (1 John 4:8). We all need each other in the church to fulfill the mission of God in our Diocese. Moreover, as believers in God we are called upon to accept other Christians as brothers and sisters in Christ; no division in God's kingdom; all God's people are one in Christ.

3. Education

As part of my leadership, if elected, I will educate my pastors so that they will preach the Good News, teach it, and lead the Church with confidence. Educated pastors are prepared to use acquired skills for personal, church and national development. These pastors are expected to provide the excellent leadership needed to take the church to the next level of growth and maturity. In the theological field, pastors holding degrees will go on to master's degrees, the rest will go for certificates in Kush Bible School in Aweil, the centre for Leadership and Church Development (CLCD) in Lietnhom, and other Bible schools in Sudan or outside Sudan. After 2015 we will begin sending our pastors for PHDs, master degrees, degrees, and diplomas; my hope is that most of my pastors, if not all of them, should have at least a degree. The committee on education department will work with central leadership to create and run at least five primary schools, two secondary schools and one Bible School; the church has been promoting education in Southern Sudan, helping many Christians and non Christians to acquire important skills to help Southern Sudan to develop.

4. Development

In this section I want the Diocese of Aweil to be involved in development in Aweil by providing education to our people, (children and adults as well), along with clean water, health care, and the building of permanent churches.

5. Church business

I don't see any reason why our church should remain poor when there is more than enough land and other resources which could enrich our church. All we need is to organize ourselves and allocate duties to the right people with relevant qualifications and experience and we shall see a change. Moreover, we cannot convince our friends from outside to support our programs unless we use our available resources then ask them in turn for things we cannot produce locally such as farming equipment like ox-ploughs, water pumps etc. Income generating projects like grinding mills, sewing machines, and so forth can be brought in from out side. Nothing is impossible with God unless people are disorganized.

6. Peace-Building department

With war still going on in Darfur no one knows what is going to happen in 2011, but we have hope in God and the people who love us. Southern Sudan has witnessed the effect of the civil war and we don't need war any more. As part of my ministry, I want the Diocese of Aweil to involve in itself peace building because the long history of conflict in Southern Sudan has created deep wounds of hatred within the boundaries of our communities but this could be solved through a thorough training on the meaning of peace from a Christian perspective. Christ has reconciled us to God and to others after our relationship with God had been broken and we are called to bring reconciliation to others. We are called not only to reconcile broken relationships between South and North or Christians and Muslims but also broken relationships between our communities, neighbors, families, tribes, and people of different ethnic groups. It became evident to me that the church in Sudan needs to be in front with strong leadership capable of guiding, teaching, forgiving and reconciling our people for the holistic transformation of our church and country. We do not need to wait anymore; we need to go and equip churches, schools, government leaders, and community leaders around our communities and nation, and reconcile the hurting nation of Sudan. Through our involvement the Church will help our people to live peacefully with one another as the people of God. This is a real solution for our people in Southern Sudan. God wants us to love and care for one another and live in peace and harmony. I believe we have a message which can heal these wounds we have now in our church if we support the church leadership.

Administration of Diocese of Aweill will consist of the following:

  1. Central leadership, Bishop and Archdeacons
  2. Diocesan secretary
  3. Finance: Finance department will be responsible for the finances of Diocesan operations. The committee on finance would also be responsible and seek ways for the Diocese of Aweil to finance itself within five years through creating income-generating activities.
  4. Standing Committee
  5. Development/building department churches in the Diocese
  6. Mission and Evangelism department
  7. Youth Ministry department
  8. Mother Union department
  9. Education department
  10. Health Care: The Diocese of Aweil shall be involved in health care to improve the health of its members and non members as well.
  11. Peace Building department
  12. Media/New letters department (we want to document and put our activities in writing)


Our mission in the Diocese of Aweil is to be Disciples of Christ, discern our spiritual gifts, and be compassionate through our relationship with God. In my leadership, if elected, I will not work alone; we will work together as a team for one purpose of serving the Church of God and His people in Aweil. Also in my leadership there will be unity, good governance, accountability, honesty and commitment to God's work in Aweil and beyond. Above all, we need to be Christ-like in our work.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, these are my future plans; if you elect me your Bishop. What I request from you all is to give me your votes, support, and I will do these things by the help of God. Also I have faith, commitment, and connections with brothers and sisters in Christ from the outside world. I believe that God took me to the USA and gave me all the opportunities I have experienced there to prepare me for the ministry in Aweil.

I know the challenges are many, but we will overcome them by the help of God and your help too.
Thank you very much in advance for your vote and support. Above all, I am also pleased and thankful to God for calling me to aspire for this position of Bishop in His Church. Please brothers and sisters pray for God's will to be done in this election. I am looking forward working together with you all in the Diocese of Aweil.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial