Health Project

The high incidences of debilitating, and sometimes fatal diseases that persist in the areas we have visited are increasing dramatically. This is due to the effect of recent flooding and the lack of medical centres, clinics, dispensaries and chemists. It reflects difficult ecological conditions that are causing inadequate diets from which the people are suffering. The diseases resulting from these conditions are hard to control without substantial capital input by the church. A much more adequate health care system and the education of the population in preventive measures are needed. Few clinics in some other areas are poorly equipped. Individuals with medical conditions that require medical treatments are discouraged because Medicines available in the areas are not enough. Our government is not yet stable enough to reach all parts of the counties with enough drugs. Malaria, typhoid, cholera, pneumonia, rheumatics, gardia, conjunctivitis, asthma, chicken pox, common cold, cough, pains, heart diseases, jaundice, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases, whooping cough and many more are prevalent in all areas, for this reason, E.C.S appeals to local and international N.G.Os, christian organizations, state government, individuals and all well wishers to support the Episcopal in rescuing the life of the people of Aweil through the church. We are aiming to put at least two permanent medical centres and 5 PHCUs across Aweil so that we may reduce life risk by half.