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Peter Malek delivers foodThe Diocese of Aweil Relief and Development organization (DARD) was founded in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan in 2010 as the development Wing for the Diocese of Aweil. DARD is a non-profit making, non-Governmental Organization but humanitarian and developmental Indigenous National Organization which was founded in 2010 and legally registered in 2011 with the Republic of South Sudan with registration number 147 (Aweil) 1149  (Juba).

Its major strategic programs include Food Security and Livelihoods, Water and Sanitation programs (WASH) Education, Protection (GBV & Child protection programs) Peace Building and Reconciliation as well as Missionary Work. DARD is planning to launch a Psychosocial Support and counseling program specifically for traumatized, conflict affected populations and the children that are exposed to war or danger.

DARD’s overall goal and objective is to encourage sustainable rural development and empower marginalized and vulnerable groups through designed training and improvement of agriculture, which is a long – term strategy for increasing food production and food security while conserving and managing natural resources. Protection and promotion of human rights as components is DARD’s vision. Our aim is to meet the needs of the present and future generation by promoting development that does not degrade the environment and is technically appropriate, economically viable and socially acceptable.

Food ready to go to school childrenSince the inception, the organization has carried out many activities ranging from Food Security, Health and HIV/AIDS prevention programs, supporting education programs like school construction and renovation e.g. It has supported the Construction of St. Mary Girls High school in Maper and St. Joseph Primary school in Mathiang Aweil Town here in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State as well as the ECSS Administration block. 

DARD has implemented two projects - It has built a Training Hall for Malou Awer Women Association and Special Protection (SPU) in Nyamlel funded by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Recovery, Rehabilitation and Peace Building Unit.

DARD also has been in partnership with World Food Programme (WFP) since 2016 implementing Food for Education (FFE) supporting 48 schools within Aweil town, Aweil Centre and parts of Aweil West. DARD does food delivery, non food items, training, monitoring and many other activities.

Food being delivered to a school by DARD 



To have a free, healthy, empowered and enlightened society where the poor and marginalized participate in community development and service delivery.



To provide development and humanitarian services through access to education and food Security

Diocese of Aweil Relief and Development - DARD has recently distributed the following food commodities to 48 schools in Aweil tow, West and Aweil South.






Current Projects


2.        PROTECTION


  Peter Malek shows stored food Food delivered by DARD

School children receiving food from DARD

Food for Education (FFE) WFP

In June DARD distributed assorted commodities but includes the following:

  • Cereals (Sorghum and maize)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Pulse (Beans/yellow peas
  • Salt

DARD has so far distributed the total of 854.24 MT a 3 months food serving 22,856 beneficiaries.

  1. Non Food Items

DARD has distributed Non Food items like

  • Cooking Pots ( Cups, weighing scales, plates and hand washing facilities)
  • DARD conducted a de-worming exercise in all schools twice a year, so far DARD has de-wormed  21,422 pupils
  • DARD does monitoring exercises for food distributed in all schools
  • Water Tanks for schools



A Teacher is trained by DARDDARD trains Parents Teachers Association on food and commodities management, this is aimed at helping them know how to calculate daily food for children according to days the food is meant for.

Food Management Committee, Each school has 5 food management Committee members and so far DARD has trained 240 Food Management Committees.



DARD entered into partnership with United Nations Mission in South Sudan in year 2017-2018 and has currently completed two projects since its partnership; DARD has built Malou Awer Women Association Training Centre and Special Protection Unit in Nyamlel Police Head Quarters through the Quick Impact Project (QIP)

The main aim of this centre is to provide a conducive training Space for women not only in Malou Awer village but in Aweil town and be a centre for peace dialogues and conferences. This facility will also be used for tailoring and many social activities.

   Malou Awer Woman's Training Centre Malou Awer Woman's Training Centre


Hand over preparations 2018

Handing over to the woman's associationDARD won this project from United Nations Mission in South Sudan, it built this and then handed it over to Malou Awer Women Association in the presence of the Governor of Aweil State who was the Guest of honour, Human Right Division, Recovery, Rehabilitation and Peace Building, World Food Programme (WFP) and many NGOs were present during the hand over activity. 




Nyamlel Special Protection Unit (SPU) 2017-2018

The main objectives for this Special Protection unit is:

  • Nyamlel Special protection UnitTo provide vulnerable women a sanctuary custody during times of domestic conflicts.
  • Give women a confidential and comfortable space for self-expression.
  • Provide separation of women from men suspects as demanded by the law.
  • Provide children in conflict with the law a special sanctuary while processing their rehabilitation.

This facility was handed over to the Police department and community of Nyamlel on 18 May 2018



  1. Water and Sanitation Programme (WASH)
  2. Peace-building  and Reconciliation
  3. Disciple and Missionary Work
  4. Recovery, Rehabilitation and Psychological supports