Education Sector

The absence of education in Aweil's population is very much reflected in the local authorities and clergymen. E.g. most local pastors can manage to read the Bible poorly in local vernacular, while a high percentage of traditional leaders cannot read or write. Furthermore, all Episcopal Church school classrooms are built of palm leaves and branches while others are under trees. This means that they are poorly equipped and cannot not withstand the annual rainy season, for this reason, children are unable to attend school for many months of the year.

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan believes that the church is the only institution that takes care of the people's concerns in the rural areas. The church plans to construct one high school and three primary schools; we are also praying for the training of would be permanent teachers. We cannot bring all people to Christ by preaching the word of God through opening the Bible on Sunday alone but through the provision of quality education, health care, agriculture, water and other essential human needs.

We appeal to NGOs, christian organizations, individuals, friends and funding agencies to assist the Episcopal Church of the Sudan with the construction of the proposed schools and the training of the teachers.