Rt. Abraham Y. Nhial first meeting

All necessary Questions, Commas, exclamations, apostrophes, quotations and colons have been employed over decades with regards to Aweil's proposed Diocese but with little success. Wrong or right answers were provided but things remained in dark corners as Christians (church leaders included) wonder what behind the delayment motive was, notwithstanding, God never forsake his Church in a vacuum, He finally put a full stop mark by choosing Rev. Yel Nhial under the leadership of His Grace, the Metropolitan and Primate of the Province of Episcopal Church of the Sudan to head Aweil, as the first Bishop of the first Diocese in Northern Bahr-el-gazal State.

The New Bishop for the New Diocese of Episcopal Church of the Sudan, in Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-gazal State, Rt. Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial expressed his humble gratitude as the medicine to exhausted hearts that serve over years but did not secure seats in Bishopric election on 16th July 2010. He appreciated the two, Ven Angel Aguer and Ven. Matthew Garang and promised to join hands with them for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continued to tell all priests to aim high because all of us are made to bring hope to desperate people rather than us priests living in a desperate living condition against ourselves. Take heart for the mission of bringing hope to our people, we must be the sign of peace and truth saying in the church, he said.

Bishop Abraham Y. Nhial being the icon of peace, unity and spiritual growth in Episcopal surroundings, conducted the first meeting in Aweil town with his senior priests from seven Archdeaconries across Aweil and also with Diocesan Standing Committee yesterday 28th July 2010 at Mathiang Episcopal Church compound, in Aweil town to share the below agendas.


  1. Preparation for the coming of Archbishop in Nov. 2010
  2. Identification of pastors to go for studies
  3. Formation of Fund Raising Committee
  4. Appreciation for those who led before him
  5. Enthronement scheduled on 14th Nov. 2010
  6. Peace, and reconciliation initiatives to ease the team work's spirit

Bishop Yel in a less than a month in his new seat confirmed his written vision and mission when he "fledged to build a united, caring, growing, worshipping, and mature Episcopal Church of Sudan in Aweil. By equipping believers for the Mission of God, through preaching, teaching, training, discipleship, active evangelism, partnerships, development in its various forms, Primary Health care, education, peace building and business schemes for holistic transformation of the church in Aweil Diocese if he is elected".
He began his mission by sending four priests to schools as the outcome of yesterday meeting:

  1. Rev. James Dut Majok of Wanjok, Khanajak Church
  2. Rev. Simon Deng Dut, of Rumtit, Maluil-akoong and the former Diocesan Secretary
  3. Rev. Paul Dut Wel, Pastor incharge of Newsite Church in Aweil town
  4. Ven. George Maliet Dut, Archdeacon of Aweil South archdeaconry

The above mentioned priests are set to leave their areas before 10th of August 2010 to either Uganda or Juba for colleges. It is by God grace that these priests will add more value not only in Episcopal arena but also to Aweil community after their successful studies.

One item among Bishop Yel vision and mission was peace building, hence the discussion of yesterday meeting was extended to priests who might have got discouraged and joined other churches following years of discontent, but expressing willingness to return to E.C.S now. Bishop told Church leaders across Aweil to accept them back if they want to come. He encouraged all church leaders to hold onto peace and harmony amongst themselves and towards others.

Standing Committee who met yesterday expressed joy out of a peace meeting they had conducted; the committee formed a Diocesan fund raising committee composed of 9 members of whom 7 members are Church members plus 2 state Government officials.

Metropolitan, Primate of the province of Episcopal Church of the Sudan , Archbishop, Dr. Daniel Deng Bul Yak is set to arrive in Aweil may be in November the second week 2010 for the Enthronement of the Bishop of Aweil Diocese. The Enthronement will take place on Sunday 23th Nov. 2010 per Archbishop plans sheet. And Bishop Yel asked for organized preparation for the reception of Archbishop. Let all pray for Aweil's Diocese success.

By Stephen Mayuen Mou
Diocesan Secretary

What I'm today is a result of my own past action. And whatever I wish to be in future depend on my present action